Friday, December 25, 2009

Another First

In 28 years of marriage with Pantal, this is the first Christmas we are apart! ...and I tell you it is not a good first! It is not that it was horrible, but it was not Christmas! I have to reiterate again and again, it was a divine inspiration for me to do something so totally out of my normal life, coming here to this ashram. I really just went the whole day never allowing myself to think it was Christmas. Some people wished me a Merry Christmas, I just pretended they were saying "Have a nice day" or something trivial like this. I can not imagine the soldiers onerseas who are so far away from their loved ones in horrible circumstances. I have a new respect for them. For me, I can say 13 days over and over again and know it will be over soon. How do they do it?... Mr. President, bring our troops HOME!
OK, loved one, let's not do this again!


  1. You must do as Lorelei and Rory did, just decide that Christmas is posponed this year to a later date... Do you remember that episode?

  2. Of course, I do!! But remember I am the only one who does Gilmore irls at home. The others make fun of me! :-(